Extensions For Women

We use only the best quality hair extensions in the industry. Ultratress II extensions are light weight skin wefts and can be used to:

Removal is fast and easy (must be done by a professional) and with literally no breakage! That means you can grow out your own hair! I am living proof!
Sew-in Wefts are heavy, bulky and over prolonged use can cause tension hair loss…

Keratin strand by strand – not only is the installation long and tedious, but it can be painful and the removal process has caused breakage leaving it thinner and shorter than before. I offer you a product I BELIEVE IN! Call or email to book your complimentary consultation.

Hair Extensions are more affordable than you think

Before and After

If you have ever had extensions, you know you can easily walk out of the salon paying thousands of dollars on top of the fact that you’ve spent 8 hours + sitting in a salon chair.

My technique takes two hours from start to finish & I offer AFFORDABLE PAYMENT PLANS.